Docker based development environments in minutes

What is Outrigger?

Outrigger is a set of developer tools that makes development, integration, staging and production environments simple, portable and, most importantly, CONSISTENT across team members and environments.

Why use Outrigger?

Accelerate Development

Project and environment setup that used to take days or weeks, now just takes minutes.

Best Practices

Start your team on the right foot from the very beginning. Grow your team easily.

Synchronize Environments

Transparently host complete project environments locally or remotely.

Master Containerization

Learn, teach and excel at container technology.

Tech and Tools

Outrigger uses a containerization based approach to provide project environments. Docker is the container platform, and a (coming soon) set of Yeoman based generators are used to help initial project setup to ensure all pieces fit together.

Get Started with Outrigger

Why Open Source?

Outrigger was created by Phase2, an organization of people committed to sharing tech solutions and best practices with the open source community. We are excited to share Outrigger with our clients, partners and the greater open technology community to see it grow and evolve as a shared toolset.

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